Bort global develops and manufactures tools for various customer groups who value high-quality equipment at an affordable price.

Bort product range includes power tools, garden tools and cleaning equipment.

Last year the company integrated several tools into a separate product line under easy-to-remember name eXtreme.

The range includes popular products, among them cordless tools, rotary hammers, angle grinders and other power tools designed for household use at home and in country houses, in the workshops and in small factories. Therefore, quality and reliability take center stage.

The eXtreme series name was chosen not to make an effect and sound impressive. The name illustrates the series essence – the applied technologies and components suit harsh operating conditions. For example, the motors coil uses an increased heat resistance insulation treatment (up to 200 degrees), while after final surface hardening the angle grinder gears have a 50HRC+ hardness.

Owing to the products reliability and new ergonomic design catering for convenient operability, the product group meets the needs of customers to the maximum. The eXtreme series products parts are manufactured with an improved quality increasing the power tools service life.

Currently the series includes the following models: an impact wrench, four cordless drills, two electric drills, a multitool, two angle grinders, two rotary hammers and a heat gun.

This tool will cost you a bit more than a standard Bort series tool.

eXtreme Bort series – excellent quality at a reasonable price !