About Bort Global

«Bort Global» is an international group of companies and a successful player in the power tools market which produces goods under trademark Bort.

The company is represented in several countries: Germany, Hong Kong, Latvia. Main warehouse of the company is located in the capital of Latvia - Riga.

History of the company dates back to 1996. The initially established company was called SBM Group.

During its fledgling years main activity of the company was to export building materials and power tools to many countries around the globe. Within a short time SBM Group with just a few employees evolved into a successful company in the power tools market.

Trademark Bort entered power tools market in 2001. This period of time witnessed a rapid growth of the electric tool market which resulted in the company's wide product range. Various modifications of following tools hit the market: drills, rotary hammers, saws, angle grinders, jig saws, welding machines.

Head office in Germany actively sprouted new ideas and concepts.

Since then developing and producing power tools became main activity of the company. The products are produced in China with a strict adherence to all norms and standards.

In 2006, the company developed its own customer approved design for the entire range of power tools.

In 2012, the SBM group was reorganised into the Bort Global international company.

The 2015 market trends caused by the sales volumes increase and heavy products demand called the shots for the international company's development. In 2015 a new product line - cleaning tools – was introduced. The first household, industrial and construction vacuum cleaners were being developed.

In 2017 a new product line - the eXtreme series – was introduced.

The series is noted for its high ergonomics and reliability. The product line comprises popular power tools including cordless tools, rotary hammers, angle grinders and other power tools.

As of today, Bort Global is a dynamically developing company operating in the power tools market. The company supplies a wide range of high-quality semi-professional and household products including electrical equipment, cleaning equipment, automotive and garden products.

During its whole history Bort Global team has always pursued target goals - availability, ergonomics and high quality of tools developed especially for you and your business.

The quality and ergonomics of the products are being constantly improved. The engineers of the Bort Global german office are developing and enhancing the technical performance of each product group, testing the products on stands at maximum load, while our Hong Kong head office experts supervise 100% of our orders indicates the quality of service.

A complex approach and competent management allows to find the most favourable conditions for delivering the goods to each client.

The ISO 9001 system has been adopted on factories of the company. Company constantly makes investments into improving existing products and developing new ones. The company is determined to provide to customers the best product with high quality characteristics at an affordable price and the best service. In our understanding, service cannot be narrowed down to a flexible discount system and logistics, but also implies qualified warranty and after-warranty support.

Every Bort tool is covered by an up to 3 years standard warranty and an up to 5 years extended warranty.

An extensive network of authorized service centers, more than 550 facilities around the world and 700 dealers, provide for a quick repair of the tools in any region and ensure uninterrupted supply of goods to all corners of the world.

The company's development was quite a bumpy ride during which the company encountered many difficulties. But more than 29 million tools were produced and delivered thanks to customers' and partners' trust and loyalty and our hard work.

Goods produced by Bort Global have won renown and gain recognition throughout the world.


Bort Global has an extensive dealer network in the Russian Federation and abroad. We are interested in its development and invite Moscow and regional organizations to long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation. Become a Dealer

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