About Bort Global

Bort, established in 1996.

The international group of companies "Bort Global" is one of the successful players in the European and Asian market of power tools and household appliances, which is one of the few that successfully sells its products under the brand name Bort.

Representative offices of the company are located in several countries: Germany, Latvia, Hong Kong. The large and main warehouse of the group of companies is located in the capital of Latvia - Riga.

The history of the holding goes back to 1996. Initially, the company was created under the name SBM Group with headquarters in Dubai.

In the early years, the main activity of the holding was the sale of building materials and power tools to many countries of the world. Within a short period of time, the SBM Group, with a few people at that time, grows into a successful company in the power tools market, which already had several brands in its portfolio, including Bort, and production facilities were located in China, South Korea and Poland.

Since 2002, the company has been changing course towards the production of only electrical household appliances and consumables for them. As you know, this time is characterized by a very active growth of the market for power tools and household appliances, which favorably affects the development of a wide range of the company. Various modifications of the product range begin to appear.

In 2006, the company develops its own design for the entire line of power tools, which is approved by consumers.

In 2012, a decision was made to reorganize the SBM group holding into the international company Bort Global.

Market trends in 2015, driven by increased sales volumes and strong demand for products, set new milestones for an international company. This year there is a new line of products - cleaning equipment. The first models of household, industrial and construction vacuum cleaners are being developed.

In 2017, a new line appears in the product group - eXtreme and Heavy Duty series.

In 2018, the range of household appliances is expanding, it begins to include cordless vacuum cleaners, food waste disposers and other consumer goods.

Today, the Bort Global group of companies is one of the leading companies in the electrical goods market and represents a wide range of high-quality products for semi-professional and domestic use in the area of electrical equipment, cleaning equipment, automotive products, gardening products and household appliances.

Since its foundation, the Bort Global team has pursued the main goals - the availability, ergonomics and quality of tools created for you and your business.

The quality of models and their ergonomics are constantly improving. The engineers of the Bort Global office in Germany develop and improve the technical indicators of each group of goods, test the model on stands at maximum load, and the specialists of our head office in Hong Kong take care of 100% order verification, which indicates the quality of service.

An integrated approach and competent management allow us to deliver goods on the most favorable terms for the client around the world.

The ISO 9001 system has been introduced at the enterprises. Funds are constantly invested in new developments and improvement of existing assortment groups. The company tries to provide its customers and customers with the necessary goods with quality characteristics, but at an affordable price and organize the best service. In our understanding, service is not only a flexible system of discounts, logistics, but also high-quality warranty and post-warranty service.

Each TM Bort product is covered by a standard 2-year warranty.

During the existence of the company, a difficult path has been passed, on which there were many difficulties. Thanks to the trust of customers, partners and our work, more than 29 million units of various tools and household goods were produced and delivered.

Products under Bort Global trademarks have gained fame and recognition all over the world.