Warranty & service

We see service not only as flexible pricing, logistic system, but also as warranty and after-warranty support.

Our complex network of authorized repair stations includes 550 stations around the world and 700 dealers allow us to repair damaged or defective products fast and also make fast shipments of our products to any place around the world.

All our products are covered by standard warranty of manufacturer which lasts for 2 years. Standard warranty is provided on terms and conditions of Bort Global which are mentioned below.

In case your Bort product became defective or you found factory fault, you can send it to the following address:

Extego GmbH
Kurfurstenshtrasse 114
10787 Berlin, Germany

Warranty doesn’t cover cases in which product was used improperly or with violation of maintenance rules.

Attention! All products under trademark Bort are subject only for home or semi-professional use.

In order to prove high standards of quality of its product, Bort Global offers a unique extended warranty time. This offer is valid for specific list of countries. We are highly concerned with our customers’ satisfaction, so we work on including more countries in this list.

If you have any additional questions, our experts will provide qualified reply within 2 business days. You can ask us any question with the help of contact section of our website or through messaging us on Facebook.

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