Bort-Global launched, some time ago, a new tool called the Dropshipping Center, but how do you access it? And how do you use it for your dropshipping store? Now you will know how to correctly use it on your Bort-Global account.

  1. Join the dropshipping center and login in your account;
  2. Sign the contract and make an advance payment;
  3. Get the API key and read the API documentation;
  4. Upload the Bort product catalog to your website;
  5. Start selling!

Order information will be sent to us and we will securely pack the goods according to all the requirements of the transport company, and the money received from the client will be transferred to your current account.

The report on completed orders will be available in the dropshipping center. All orders are delivered on behalf of your online store. We guarantee the confidentiality of customer information.