The new rotary hammer BORT BHD-920X

by Администратор Главный

Rotary hammers are used for various building tasks in which you need to make holes. Main application of rotary hammer is to make through-holes and blind holes with drill bits which are used specifically for concrete, metal or wood. It also works well for pulling up ceramic tiles and to remove rust, concrete and weld spatter.

In general rotary hammers can be divided in two types: professional and for home use. Professional ones are used for tasks which require a lot of time to complete while rotary hammers for home use are designed for occasional tasks. For your personal use, rotary hammer can be used for repairs at home, building structures at your country house and garage.

Main advantages

  • This tool is designed for home use.
  • Ergonomic design provides easy handling and reliable structure.
  • This tool can be used as hammer drill or demolition hammer because it has powerful engine, high impact energy of 3,5 J and 3 types of operation modes: “rotation mode”, “rotary hammer mode”, “hammer-only mode”.
  • Special sealants are used to protect inner parts of rotary hammer from dust.
  • This tool incorporates SDS-plus interface. This interface is very convenient because accessories are easily placed without the need to use key and it also means the tool will be reliable in work.
  • Additional comfort when using the tool is achieved by having speed adjustment and smooth start.
  • This rotary hammer can be used in confined areas because of its horizontally placed engine, compact size and ergonomic design. It is also perfect fpr making deep holes.
  • Rotary hammer BORT BHD-920X belongs to eXtreme series, which has increased durability products. In order to increase life time of the tool, the parts of hammer mechanism was strengthened with special coating.
  • This tool is equipped with brushed reverse rotation. What does it mean? Reverse mechanism includes rotating brush holder which can keep rotating speed at maximum without any harm for the brush. Also this type of reverse mechanism is more durable because it doesn’t get filled with dust. Switch for forward/reverse rotation can be found on the body of rotary hammer.
  • Additional handle, depth gauge, drill bits come with rotary hammer as well as case for easy storing and transportation.
  • Standard warranty for 2 years is provided by the manufacturer.