Benefits of ionized air

by Татьяна Козгова

Ionized air

Air washer Bort

Air washer Bort

Natural air ionization

The main reason for sickness, frequent headaches, chronic fatigue is excessive pollution in modern megacities. At the same time, all the sickness disappears in the mountains, by the sea, in pine woods. Here, the body benefits from ionized air.

Ionization enhances air quality. From the physical point of view, this process implies one electron breaking from a molecule – a gas atom. As a result, it forms two molecules with different charges. The particle that has lost the electron becomes positive, and the one that has attached the ion becomes negative.

In nature, the air is ionized when affected by:

  • Cosmic, ultraviolet radiation;
  • Lightning discharge;
  • High-speed split of water molecules.

How does the process affect human well-being and health?

Ions penetrate the body through the skin and make a positive impact on it. However, light ions can’t keep their healthy properties long in the urban environment. They encounter moisture, dust and bacteria, then gravitate on the floor and on the surface. This makes cleaning easier, because all the dirt has gravitated together with the ions.

The air ions should not only be light, but negatively charged as well. In this case, they connect the red blood cells, thus activating their functions. Light particles help to improve sleep, accelerate metabolism, promote saturation of the body with oxygen. Ionized air improves the general well-being in case of depression, neurosis, and other diseases.

Air washer Bort

Water can be added from atop

Air washer Bort

The organic design will fit any interiorр

Air washer Bort

Multifunctional air washer Bort Crystal Air, can efficiently clean the air from allergens, viruses, finely dispersed dirt and dust. It also features the air ionization function.

If you want to get a mountain or sea climate in the city, get your air wash. It will help to:

  • Get rid of the constant fatigue feeling and frequent headaches;
  • Make sleep deep and calm;
  • Enhance performance.

Many diseases will recede if you create a favorable microclimate at home.

The device can be used in rooms with of up to 30 square meters. The continuous operation time is 12.5 hours.

Crystal Air features

It is characterized by interesting design and features a variety of useful functions:

  • Inbuilt timer;
  • Top water refilling;
  • Ionization;
  • Low water level automatic off;
  • Low water level, moisture indicator;
  • Silent night mode;
  • Air wash power adjustment.

If you need the best air washers, you should pay attention to Crystal Air. This line of devices is reliable, efficient and will serve you for many years.

Crystal Air

A touchpad and a variety of functions.


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