Housecleaning with steam

by Татьяна Козгова


Steam cleaner Bort
Steam cleaner Bort

Kids’ toys disinfection

Why do you need a steam cleaner?

Find yourself thinking that the flooring, windows, cushioned furniture aren’t perfectly clean, and it’s hard to clean the joints between bathroom tiles? Then, you need a steam cleaner for your home – a compact device with numerous applications, developed not only for removing various types of dirt from any surfaces, but for disinfection as well. The device used to be applied in medical centers, but later it became indispensable in everyday life for solving common tasks.

The home steam cleaner helps to clean surfaces without any chemicals. They help to solve the following everyday tasks:

  • disinfect various types of surfaces (toys, pillows, bed linen, curtains, cushioned furniture);
  • remove dirt in hard-to-reach places (between tiles, mold from a washing machine cuff);
  • clean household appliances (microwave oven, multicooker) from dust, dirt, and bacteria);li>
  • wash the floor, windows, ceramic tiles, and car interior;
  • reliably protect surfaces from COVID-19.
  • The steam cleaner boiler is filled with water that leaves it as steam through the nozzle. Steam gets on the treated surface, softens the existing contamination, and destroys viruses and bacteria.

Floor standing steam cleaners

The steam cleaners BORT BDR-2300-R, BORT BDR-2500-RR, BORT 2500-RR Iron Feature the water tank capacity of 1.5 liters; their body is equipped with large wheels to move the device easily. Floor standing steam cleaners are multifunctional and powerful, which makes cleaning procedure faster and more convenient.

Opportunity to add water without interrupting the work, as in BORT BDR-2500-RR и у BORT 2500-RR Iron is a huge advantage. Furthermore, the latter model includes an iron steam generator with a ceramic sole and temperature adjustment function. Besides making the cleaning process easier, you can iron and steam clothes quickly. The built-in water level sensor will notify if you need to add water to the tank.

Steam cleaner Bort

The steam temperature reaches 140 degrees Celsius

Steam cleaner Bort

The device compact size makes it faster and more convenient to achieve the result

Hand steam cleaners

The hand steam cleaners BORT BDR-2800-RR looks like an electric kettle. It consumes little electricity, is compact, and more affordable. The tank has smaller capacity if compared to floor standing steam cleaners, but the device is mobile, compact, and lightweight.

The hand steam cleaner will make it possible to deal with everyday cleaning and order-maintenance tasks quickly. These models also have a large number of nozzles included, with their functions not being inferior to floor standing steam cleaners. For example, by purchasing the BORT Steam mopnozzle, you can turn BORT BDR-2800-RR into a steam mop.

Bort – the leader of the steam cleaner segment

BORT equipment will become a real assistant in your home. With it, you will be able to get rid of dust, dirt, and grease with minimal effort. The well-thought-out design and exceptional power characteristics ensure efficient and continuous operation. BORT is the leader of the steam cleaner market segment.

The multifunctional device guarantees fast and high-quality house or car interior cleaning. After the very first use, you’ll make sure that BORT is a reliable manufacturer and a perfect house assistant. It is one of the leaders of the best steam cleaners rating.

Steam cleaner Bort

A wide range and various applications

Steam cleaner Bort

Nozzles and their application.


A wide range of special accessories included in the kit will make the spring cleaning easy and pleasant: it will wash the floor, tiles, clean carpets, make glass surfaces shine like a mirror, clean the bathtub, sink, gas stove, and much more. Perfect cleanliness without chemicals!


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