New car impact wrenches Bort BSR-12H/BSR-12X


Car impact wrench – is a tool for screwing and unwinding nuts and bolts. It can help car-drivers to change flat tire without any problem.

Car impact wrench BSR-12 is a model well accepted by car market and it is very affordable.

  • Maximum torque is 350 Nm which is more than enough for unwinding car nuts and bolts. No-load speed is 3300 RPM.
  • This impact wrench can be connected not only to car cigarette lighter but also to car battery thanks to cords and adapter which come with impact wrench.
  • Reverse rotation – you can not only unscrew with impact wrench but also wind nuts and bolts within seconds.
  • Impact wrench comes with carrying case, two sockets for most popular nuts and bolts 17/19 and 21/23 mm as well as adapter for connecting to car battery.

Thanks to feedback provided by our customers, engineers of company Bort designed two improved models of impact wrench. Let us introduce them to you.

Model BSR-12H – is a more advanced version compared to BSR-12.

  • Comfortable ergonomic design. Impact wrench with pistol grip is the most convenient type of impact wrenches. All professional pneumatic impact wrenches have this type of design.
  • High torque of 350 Nm is the same as old model, but no-load speed increased to 3400 RPM which enables easy unwinding of any nuts and bolts.
  • Lower part of the handle now has built-in LED light which helps using impact wrench when it’s dark outside.
  • Package contains all necessary things: protective carrying case, 2 safety fuses and 2 sockets.

Car impact wrench BSR-12X is part of eXtreme series and have some differences from older models.

  • Rubbered handle. Rubber surface on the grip makes work with this impact wrench much more convenient.
  • Built-in LED light. This function simplifies work in dark spaces.
  • Torque now is even higher and reaches 380 Nm, which makes it possible to unwind rusty nuts.

Impact wrench comes with all necessary equipment – protective case, 2 sockets and 2 safety fuses.