What to give for New Year?

by Татьяна Козгова

New Year – time to change your life for the better

Bort steam cleaner

Choosing a gift is a hard task, but not for Bort!

Thinking about a gift to give your family the New Year? Set your eyes on Bort household appliances and power tools. In the company’s catalog you will find dozens of products that help to keep your house clean, make any work easier and free up more time to spend with your family. There are creativity power tools as well that will please all the creative people, help them demonstrate their skills. Please find uncommon ideas for New Year gifts for the whole family.

Bort food waste disposer

Disposers (food waste disposers) are installed between a kitchen sink’s drain and siphon. They grind almost all organic waste. Such household appliances make it possible to process solid food waste and dispose of it as of liquid by simply flushing it into the sewer. Thus, you not only get rid of bad odors in the kitchen, but take care of the environment as well. Order a Bort food waste disposer and other New Year gifts by this manufacturer to delight yourself and your family.

Bort air washer

This air washer is a perfect gift for a person who cares about his or her health. It will help to clean the air from pollution easily and maintain the required humidity level in the room. The air washer by Bort can be called a modern humidifier with a built-in filtration system.

The air washer features an interesting operating principle: it sucks in the air, filters it, and then releases it purified from impurities. This kind of a washer humidifies it naturally. An important advantage that you should pay attention to when choosing such equipment as a gift is that it leaves no white lime scale on the furniture when operating (as it happens with a humidifier). This device will delight the entire family and fit into any interior.

Bort steam cleaner

This device will be a universally suitable New Year gift for both women and men. It will quickly clean and disinfect any surfaces resistant to hot steam treatment (windows, walls, bathroom fitment, children’s toys, and so on). High pressure and temperature ensure disinfection. For the procedure, no additional chemicals are needed.

Bort engraver

A perfect gift for your husband since this electric tool will help with various housework: drilling, grinding surfaces, cutting, graving inscriptions and patterns. Bort engraver will help a man to solve most of the household tasks on his own, as well as reveal his creative potential.

Bort gifts will please you in the New year

Bort gifts won’t leave anyone untouched! They will cheer up the presentees and please them for many years to come!