The eXtreme angle grinder BORT BWS-800X

by Администратор Главный

Bort angle grinder BWS-800X is a multi-purpose ergonomic semi-professional or household tool. The tool is designed for abrasive processing of stone, metal and other hard surfaces including cutting, sanding and surface grinding. Due to its versatility and efficiency, the grinder can be used in construction, metalworking and wood processing.

This model belongs to the popular products of eXtreme series. Products of this series will work perfectly even in the harshest conditions thanks to high quality of it's parts.

Following improvements significantly increase performance of the tool:
  • Additional protection of motor coil using a high temperature resistant compound.
  • Selective assembly of indurated gears reduces noise and increases power.
  • Protective cover which prevents abrasive and chips dispersion.

The power tool is compatible with grinding discs with a 22 mm landing diameter. The maximum compatible disk diameter is 125 mm. The engine idle speed amounts to 12,000 rpm which accounts for the tool's high efficiency.

Operability is one of the Bort BWS-800X advantages. Its slim body allows you to easily hold the tool with one hand, while the other one can hold the workpiece and remove the material residue. This is what makes it different from similar models of other manufacturers.

A side grip caters for the Bort BWS-800X reliable and safe use.

The angle grinder comes with a key for changing the grinding disc, an additional set of brushes and a protective metal casing, as well as an ergonomic side grip.

The kit is more than enough for power tools everyday use such as cutting and hard surfaces grinding. You just need to buy discs from time to time.

Before purchasing the angle grinder please ask your seller about the model's characteristics and package.

Light weight is another advantage of the Bort BWS-800X power tool. The tool weighs only 1.8 kg and can be held with the hand and also over the head, if required. Despite its weight, the tool's power is 750 W, making it possible to use the tool for most tasks.

Power cord is 2 meters long which is more than enough for convenient work.

The power tool appeals to the customers for many reasons:
  • Low price affordable for anyone.
  • Easy maintenance - grinding discs can be quickly changed with the key that comes with the angle grinder.
  • Low power consumption that is sufficient for most household tasks.
  • Safety is provided by a special switch and a protective cover.
  • No vibrations and low noise levels during work.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Rubber body plates for comfortable work with the tool eliminating "slipping" from your hands.
  • Long-term guarantee from the official manufacturer - 2 years standard guarantee.

Do you want to handle cutting and grinding at the touch of a button? We invite you to try the Bort BWS-800X angle grinder. It's a good bargain that will serve you for years to come.