Angle grinder BORT BWS-950


Angle grinder Bort BWS-950

According to the most general classification of angle grinders there are two types of this power tool: for home use and professional use. Difference between these two types is how much volume of work they can cope with. Professional angle grinders are for long continuous operation, while angle grinders for home use should be used occasionally.

Purpose of angle grinder is to process various tasks at home, country house or garage. It is easy to work with angle grinder, all you need is cutting disk which can cut brick, tile, metal or armature. For this type of operation you’ll need cutting disc for stone or metal. Another popular area of application is grinding various wood or metal surfaces. For example, when you need to remove rust or old layer of paint. Sharpen blade or remove sharp angles are also kind of tasks angle grinder can be used for.

Advantages of angle grinder Bort BWS-950

  • Disc with diameter 125 mm allows making cut 40 mm deep. Angle grinder with such disc diameter is perfect for grinding and cutting. Any kind of material can be cut with the help of various types of discs.
  • High power input (900W) is more than enough for home use.
  • Rotation speed is 12000 RPM that provides good productivity of the tool.
  • For easy change of accessories this angle grinder has spindle lock. For example, when cutting is complete, it is easy to replace cutting disc for grinding one to complete a current task.
  • Body of the angle grinder is compact, which provides easy handling in any position. Flat reducer provides comfortable operation in confined spaces. Also this angle grinder can be operated easily with one hand.
  • Light weight of only 1.8 kg provides easy operation without getting tired.
  • Disk guard position adjustment without key protects you from sparks and various particles during operation.
  • This angle grinder has increased durability and safety during operation which makes this tool close to a professional category of power tools.
  • 2m cord length provides mobility at the place of operation without help of extension cord.