Perfect cleaning


How to buy the best vacuum cleaner on market.

At the present time it’s not possible to handle cleaning without vacuum cleaner. It makes our life easier and lets us remove any type of waste from simple dust to building scrap. Let’s discuss how to choose best vacuum cleaner for home, country house or for building and review models that will cope with any task.

Before making a choice which vacuum cleaner to buy, first you need to understand in which area and under what conditions you will use it.

Technical details, features and brand name are not the only important things for vacuum cleaner, your own aims and opportunities are important as well.

In our opinion, when choosing a good vacuum cleaner, following characteristics should be considered: power input, suction power, type of filtration, efficiency, mobility, tank volume and good value for money.

One of the main characteristics of any model is suction power – which defines how strong vacuum cleaner sucks air in. It consists of two figures:

  • air flow
  • vacuum measured as mbar/kPa

Airflow – volume of dusted air which goes through vacuum cleaner in a period of time. It is measured as liters per second. This characteristic is important when connecting power tools to vacuum cleaner, because dust is being caught the same moment it appears.

If you need to pick-up bigger particles, then vacuum is more important than airflow because in this case gravity should be overcome. It is measured in kilopascal. How fast and well the cleaning will be done heavily depends on the above-mentioned characteristics.

It is important to remember that high suction power requires high power consumption.

Type of filtration is also one of the characteristics. This is why Bort vacuum cleaners equipped with cloth filters and HEPA-filters.

Depending of area of application, manufacturers of vacuum cleaners produce tanks of different materials: plastic or stainless steel.

Tanks of Bort vacuum cleaners are made of stainless steel or plastic depending area of application.

Depending on tank volume vacuum cleaner is used for cleaning home or workplace, garage or car and for building or repairing as well. Tank volume affects how long you can work with vacuum cleaner without stopping.

Tank volume of our models varies between 8 and 35 liters, some models have 40 and 60 liters tanks.

Mobility is very important for comfortable work and it is achieved by light weight of vacuum cleaner, rotary wheels, long cord, well placed handles.

We developed for you best-selling models weighing between 3 and 8 kilograms, while weight of professional models – differs between 10 and 21 kilograms. Cord length is up to 6 meters which makes cleaning very easy and simple. All models are equipped with rotary wheels, which allow vacuum cleaner be easily moved around.

In most places vacuum cleaners are classified by following characteristics: type of cleaning, power consumption, type of vacuum cleaner.

Range of multi-function vacuum cleaners and special vacuum cleaners can be divided by area of application: for workshop, for building and repairing, for cleaning around the house and for cleaning garage and car.

Vacuum cleaners for workshop.

Usually workshop is full of heavier dirt particles and various types of dust.

For this case there are fifteen semi-professional models of vacuum cleaners, which have built-in socket for connecting power tools, blower function, easy tank emptying and sink of liquid. Most popular models for this application are following: BSS-1220, 1220-PRO, 1335-PRO, 2260-Twin. Another interesting product in this range is BSS-1630-PREMIUM.

Vacuum cleaners for building and repairing.

Vacuum cleaner is indispensable when it comes to cleaning concrete dust, sawdust, metal shavings, various kinds of debris and other types of waste.

There are 5 models of professional vacuum cleaners which can complete such tasks. Models BSS-1630-PREMIUM, 1630-SmartAir, 1425-PowerPlus are equipped with semi-automatic system of cleaning filter, which activated with single press of a button. It increases how much time vacuum cleaner works without losing efficiency. Models BAC-500-22 and BAC-18 can be used for removing ash and cleaning fireplaces, stoves and grills.

Vacuum cleaners for home and surrounding area cleaning

For this type of application vacuum cleaners are required to be mobile, lightweight, to have blower function and ability to suck water.

You can choose between 6 models for cleaning inside house and 11 models for cleaning outside area. Best selling models in this category are BSS-1415-W and stylish BSS-1330-PRO.

Vacuum cleaners for garage and car.

For this area of application following will suit perfectly: BSS-1008, 1325, 1440-Pro, 1518-Pro, 1530N-Pro.

Bort vacuum cleaners – is a great choice for people willing to purchase good quality and functionality for reasonable price!