Automotive wire wrench BORT BSR-12Li

  • Compact and ergonomic housing
  • Spotlight
  • High torque
  • Can work from Li-ion bbattery or 12 V car cigarette lighter
  • Chrome vanadium steel heads
  • Extra long cord 4m
(MSRP in EU)


Corded car impact wrench BORT BSR-12Li

Do you need to replace a wheel urgently or unscrew a rusted nut? No matter how difficult the task is, BSR-12Li impact wrench will perfectly cope with the challenge! The model features an ergonomic rubberized handle, working area LED illumination and a 4-meter-long cable.

Utmost quality

Bort BSR-12Li features the most convenient body, a high-quality metal reducing gearbox, and an excellent impact mechanism. This is a strong and powerful model with a real man’s character. The model’s battery is quickly charged and holds the charge for a long time.

Capability and power

It's compact, doesn’t require much space, and the most important thing – you can use the car socket or the battery for work.
To work conveniently in hard-to-reach places and in the dark, the model is equipped with a bright working area LED illumination. A longer 4-meter cable makes it possible to feel comfortable when working with the impact wrench, and thanks to the ergonomic rubber handle, the tool is convenient and safe to hold

Package includes

  • Durable case
  • Impact wrench
  • Battery
  • Battery charger
  • Do you need to replace a flat urgently or want to unscrew a rusted nut? No matter how difficult the task you are dealing with is, BSR-12Li nut driver will perfectly cope with it! The model is equipped with an ergonomic rubberized handle, LED lighting for the work area and a 4-meter long cord.

    Bort BSR-12Li is characterized by the most convenient body, high-quality metal reducing gear and excellent impact mechanism. This is a strong and powerful model with a true male character. The model’s battery charges quickly and retains the charge for a long time.

    The key peculiarities of the model:

    • compact size, if compared to similar models of this line;
    • maximum torque 350 Nm;
    • can work both from a Li-Ion battery and from a car’s 12V-lighter socket;
    • end heads of chrome vanadium steel (Cr-V);
    • metal reducing gear;
    • the kit includes a cord for connecting to a lighter socket, a set of 1/2' end heads (17mm, 19mm, 21mm, 22mm), a charger, an accumulator battery, and a storage case.
    For all questions regarding the operation of the product, you can contact our specialists by phone:
    Monday — Friday:
    10:00 — 18:00


    Voltage, V:
    Battery type:
    Number of batteries, pcs:
    Capacity of the charged battery, Ah:
    Battery charging time, h:
    Max torque, Nm:
    No-load speed, rpm:
    0...5 500
    Output shaft size for socket heads, inh:
    Working zone illumination:
    Cable length, m:
    Product weight, kg:


    Connection cord: 1
    1/2' DR.SOCKETS (17мм, 19мм, 21мм, 22мм): 4
    Battery charger: 1
    Battery: 1
    Сarrying case: 1


    1,436 Kb

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