Garment steamer BORT Compact +

(MSRP in EU)
  • Powerful steam
  • Network indicator
  • Compact size and handy use


Bort Compact + garment steamer is a hand lightweight model for handling delicate and fine garments. The compact model weighing as little as 1.2 kg is useful for travelers and those who often go on business trips. With it, you will quickly put your shirt and suit in order. Should a need arise, you can make tea or coffee, cook an egg for breakfast.

Why you should choose Bort Compact +

  1. 1,200 W power is enough to heat water quickly to a temperature of 100°C in just 100 seconds.
  2. Continuous steam supply is performed at a speed of 30 g/min. Continuous operation time – 20 min.
  3. The network indicator won’t give you to leave the device on.
  4. Tank capacity – 500 ml.
  5. The model weight is 1.2 kg, which enables you to use the device for a long time without feeling tired.
  6. The cable length – 2.2 m will allow you to move at a convenient distance from the handled item during the process.
  7. The kit includes: a brush and a kettle lid.
  8. Supplied with a standard 2-year warranty.


Brush: 1
Kettle cover: 1


User manual (93410785.pdf, 717 Kb) [Download]