Cordless drill / driver BORT BAB-10,8-Px2D (2x1,3Ah)

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  • Compact size and handy use
  • Light weight
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Cordless drill driver Bort BAB-10.8-Px2D

Drill driver Bort BAB-10.8-Px2D is designed for home use. Its lithium-ion battery will ensure continuous and long-term performance of the tool. The tool doesn’t discharge when not in use, so it is always work-ready.

Main advantages

The idle speed is up to 1350 rpm, which will ensure fast and efficient drilling of various materials.;
A high torque value (23 Nm) makes it possible to work with large hardware;
Two speed modes enables to select a suitable operating mode for screws of different diameters and drilling;
Compact size and ergonomic design ensure operational comfort, accuracy, and reliability;
Low weight (1 kg only), as well as concise and at the same time convenient design contribute to convenient continuous use;
The reverse motion mode makes it possible to unscrew any hardware in no time.

Ease of use

As soon as you release the start button, the dynamic brake will instantly stop the chunk. The lithium-ion battery is especially convenient for occasional use: it doesn’t require to be fully discharged or charged every time. Such type of batteries have no “memory” effect.
An additional battery will ensure almost continuous work: you can use the second battery, while the first one is charging.

Package includes

  • Battery (2 pcs)
  • Battery charger
  • Drill driver
  • Are you planning to screw quite a few screws? Unscrew fasteners? Drill a few holes? Cordless drill/driver Bort BAB-10,8-Px2D will help you in this task. Lightweight and indispensable hand cordless tool, that you will help you in any everyday task. Why exactly this one? This tool will cope with any task fast and nice thanks to its many features: No-load speed 1350 RPM will provide efficient drilling of various types of materials; Thanks to high torque (23 Nm) you can work with large fasteners; 2-speed gear box will allow to choose optimal speed for your task; Compact size and ergonomic design provide convenience, precision and reliability of work; Light weight of only 1 kg and neat design provide easy use during very long time; Reverse rotation will allow to unscrew any kind of fastener; As soon as you stop pushing the switch, quick stop will immediately stop the chuck; Li-ion battery is incredibly convenient for occasional use: it is not necessary for fully discharging every time. This type of battery doesn’t have memory effect; Additional battery will help you to work ceaselessly: while one battery is charging, you can use the other one.


    Battery charger: 1
    Additional battery pack: 1

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    User Manual (91270948.pdf, 1,057 Kb) [Download]