Cordless drill / driver BORT BAB-18x2Li-XDK (2x1,5Ah)

(MSRP in EU)
  • Quick charger
  • Spotlight
  • High torque
  • 2-speed gear-box


Cordless drill driver Bort BAB-18x2Li-XDK 36 Nm

Cordless drill driver Bort BAB-18x2Li-XDK is the EXTREME-series leader. The powerful motor makes it possible to reach the high torque value 36Nm.

Main advantages

The tool’s advantages are 2 lithium-ion batteries with a capacity value 1.5 Ah for continuous and efficient operation, a spindle lock for fast and reliable tooling fixing and opportunity to use the drill driver as a screwdriver should the need arise.
The smart battery charger is equipped with automatic shutdown and overheating protection and charges the battery in just 1 hour.
Besides, the charger can be mounted on the wall, which is very convenient when using it in a workshop or garage.

Ease of use

LED illumination, 2-speed reducing gearbox, adjustable hook for fixing the tool on the belt – everything proves that BAB-18x2Li-XDK as an excellent tool.

Package includes

  • Battery charger 1 hour (1 pc)
  • Additional battery (1 pc)
  • Bag (1 pc)
  • Cordless drill/driver Bort BAB-18x2Li-XDK is one of the leaders of Bort eXtreme series. Improved quality of products’ parts in eXtreme series satisfies the highest requirements of tools market. This multi-functional modern model will help you solve any task quickly and easily. It’s a must-have when assembling various structures, doing finishing work, building terraces and summer houses, as well as assembling furniture, hanging shelf or picture, etc. Advantages and characteristics: Two li-ion batteries of 1,5 Ah capacity provide continuous operation for a long time. This tool can be stored without charging for a long time. Drill has spindle lock which allows you to replace drill bit with just one hand safely and not worrying about the chuck. Thanks to a powerful engine, cordless drill driver has high torque (36 Nm), which is more than enough for complex tasks. Having 2-speed gearbox allows to drill holes and work with fasteners. Thanks to rubbered handle and compact size it fits well in hand and you can work with it for a long time without getting tired. In order to increase life time of batteries, charger automatically switches off and has a protection from overheating. Also it can be mounted on a wall for saving valuable space. Safety belt prevents accidental fall of a tool. Bright built-in LED light, 2-speed gearbox and belt clip are all very helpful features when using at home or semi-professionally.


    charger 1 hour: 1
    additional battery: 1
    Bag: 1

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    User manual (91271501.pdf, 3,655 Kb) [Download]