(MSRP in EU)
  • Quick blade replacement
  • Quick charger
  • Li-Ion battery pack
  • Variable speed
  • Soft grip
  • Bag - Easy to keep and to carry


Cordless saw Bort BRS-18LI-FD

Bort BRS-18Li-FD cordless saw is designed for cutting a variety of materials: wood, plastic, finishing and sheet metal.
The body ergonomic shape and low weight – 2kg together with a rotary handle and anti-slip rubber pads contributes to comfortable continuous operation.

Main advantages

It takes 1 hour for the lithium-ion battery to charge. The battery is compatible with BPS-18Li-Q.
Speed adjustment make it possible to work in different speed modes to a high precision, depending on the material.
The “quick saw replacement” function enables you to save time while replacing the tooling. Thanks to the 90-degree rotation mechanism, you can comfortably make a neat cut.

Ease of operation

This model features a lock protecting you from turning it on accidentally.
The tool is covered by a standard 2-year warranty and an extended 5-year one.

Package includes

  • Saw
  • Additional battery (1 pc)
  • Metal saw (1 pc)
  • Wood saw (1 pc)
  • Charging device (1 pc)
  • Bag (1 pc)
  • A jigsaw easily copes with cutting wood, plastic, finishing material, and sheet metal. The device belongs to the universal tool class with a wide range of applications: from pruning garden trees to finely cutting metal sheets.

    This model is covered by the standard 2-year warranty and the extended 5-year warranty.

    Main characteristics:

    • an ergonomic shape of the body and only 2 kg of weight combined with the rotary handle and anti-slip rubber pads ensure comfortable operation;
    • 5 Ah Li-Ion battery charges within 1 hour;
    • the speed adjustment function makes it possible to work in any speed mode with high accuracy;
    • a swivel mechanism (90-degree in each direction) ensures a neat cut in a comfortable position;
    • quick (keyless) replacement of saws;
    • accidental switch-on protection;
    • the kit includes a battery, a charger, a metal saw, a wood saw, a bag.


    Additional battery pack: 1
    Blade for metal: 1
    Blade for wood: 1
    charger 1 hour: 1
    Bag: 1

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    User manual (93721848.pdf, 4,191 Kb) [Download]