Angle grinder BORT BWS-905-R

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  • Maximum speed adjustment
  • Additional dust protection
  • Slim housing
  • Quick change of carbon brushes


Angle grinder Bort BWS-905-R, 900 W, 125 mm

Bort BWS-905-R angle grinder is a compact and convenient tool. Smooth speed adjustment will help you to choose the most suitable mode for both cutting and grinding operations. Due to its low weight, high power, and excellent ergonomics, you will reach a great result!
All these advantages enables BWS-905-R angle grinder to become one of the winners of the ‘BEST-in-TEST’ international competition.

Main advantages

The ultra-thin body of high-quality materials ensures to comfortable and secure grip and control of the tool;
The maximum disk diameter is 125 mm;
The electric motor power is 900 W, which makes it possible to achieve a rotation speed of the cutting disc up to 11,000 rpm;
The bottom part of the tool contains a speed control, which enables to use the tool for cutting metal workpieces or processing wooden surfaces with special attachments;
Weighing only 2 kg, the tool enables even for physically untrained users to perform long and continuous work.

Ease of use

The side handle makes it possible to hold the tool with both hands if you need to apply effort to process surface or workpieces, as well as ensures reliable grip. The device operates from a common electrical network with 220V voltage. Should the need arise to perform continuous work, the tool features a lock button.
A well-thought-out design, as well as quality of the materials used have made it possible to create a reliable and ergonomic tool. This is proven by an extended 5-year warranty.

Package includes

  • Angle grinder
  • Side handle (1 pc)
  • Key to change the disk (1 pc)
  • Additional set of brushes (1 pc)
  • Protection cover (1 pc)
  • Any self-respecting craftsman should always have a grinder besides other power tools. The device is a universal tool for performing grinding and cutting operations on various types of materials.

    BORT BWS-905-R is an outstanding representative of this category of power tools and has a number of advantages if compare to similar types of devices.

    Peculiarities of this electric tool and its technical capabilities are as follows:

    • ultra-thin body made of high-quality materials enables you to hold and control the device conveniently and securely;
    • the maximum disk diameter is 125 mm;
    • the 900 W power electric engine makes it possible to reach the cutting disc rotation speed of up to 11,000 rpm;
    • the device’s lower part has a speed controller, which makes it possible to use the tool for cutting metal workpieces or process wooden surfaces using special caps;
    • the weight of 2 kg makes it possible to perform long and continuous work, even for physically untrained users;
    • a side handle enables you to use the tool with two hands when it is necessary to apply effort to perform surface or workpiece processing work, as well as provides a reliable fixation;
    • the device is powered by a regular 220V electrical network;
    • if it is necessary to perform long-term work, you can use a locking button.

    The kit contains:

    • a side handle;
    • a special key for replacing the disc or a sanding cap;
    • an additional set of brushes;
    • a protective cover.

    When working with the grinder, you should take care of the necessary safety precautions, since the engine power makes it possible to spin the cutting disc up to 11,000 revolutions per minute. When squeezed or cut at the wrong angle, the consumable element can probably break, with the material fragments flying out.

    Despite the fact that the device is equipped with a protective cover, using a helmet with a screen is a mandatory precaution.

    The grinder doesn’t have a smooth start function, for which reason, the device should be started at an idle speed without loads or contacts with the processed surface.

    It is forbidden to remove the protective cover when working with the tool.

    It should be noted that this model was demostrated at the Best-in-test international competition and was awarded one of the prizes.

    A well-thought-out design, as well as the quality of the materials used made it possible to create a reliable and ergonomic tool. The extended 5-year warranty clearly proves this fact.


    Disc diameter, mm:
    Power, W:
    No-load speed, rpm:
    0...11 000
    Speed adjustment:
    Core opening diameter of the disc, mm:
    Type of spindle threading:
    Blocking of spindle:
    Smooth start:
    Turning handle:
    Toolless regulation of the cover:
    Electric angle grinder
    Power cord length, m:
    Product weight, kg:
    Current frequency, Hz:
    Mains supply tension, V:


    Side handle: 1
    Wrench: 1
    Extra set of carbon brushes: 1
    Safety guard: 1


    User Manual (98290004.pdf, 1,296 Kb) [Download]