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  • Ergonomic design
  • Lock-on of planing depth
  • Soft grip
  • Solid aluminium plate
  • Network indicator


Electric planer Bort BFB-900X

The ergonomic electric planer Bort BFB-900X features 900 W of power, which makes it easy to process a variety of surfaces, including hard wood, eliminate roughness on the board plane, rebate.

Main advantages

High quality and speed of work performance is secured by the drum with knives rotating at the speed 16500 rpm.
82 mm wide planing area reduces the number of times the tool should be applied to the surface. The planing depth gauge fixing makes it possible to set the required minimum step.
The removed chips is up to 3 mm thick. The low weight and comfortable rubberized handle make it easy to operate this model.

Ease of use

A durable, reliable cast sole of the tool is made of aluminum.
The built-in network indicator won’t allow to leave the tool on, which will ensure that the craftsman complies with all corresponding security measures.

Package includes

  • Planer
  • Dust bag (1 pc)
  • Parallel guide (1 pc)
  • Knife fixing key (1 pc)
  • Hex key (1 pc)
  • Electric Planer is one of the most popular tools among carpentry and woodworking workshops. It significantly reduces the complexity of competing woodworking tasks, and ensures high quality results. It can also be used by home users who wish to process wood. The model of this tool Bort BFB-900X is designed to complete various technological tasks. Electric planer will help you to process rough surface of wood and the surface obtained as a result will not require additional grinding. This is ensured by the correct adjustment and fixation of the knives. Electric planer Bort BFB-900X belongs to the new product line, the eXtreme series. All products in this category undergo thorough bench tests in order to create a tool at the output that does not cause complaints even from the most demanding users. Main features: power of the electric motor is 900 W, it allows to process wood of different degrees of hardness, and also, to eliminate irregularities on the plane of the board; drum rotates at a speed of 16500 rpm which provides high-quality processing of surfaces; width of knives of 82 mm makes it possible to process a single 8-centimeter board; planer depth control is fixed at the specified value; rubberized handle will be convenient during operation; product comes with: a dust bag, a parallel guide, a set for rebating, a key for fixing the knives, a hex key; 2-year warranty. Beware of low tools from unknown manufacturers. Give your preference to the professional, reliable tools TM Bort.


    Power consumption, W:
    No-load speed, rpm:
    16 500
    Width of processing, mm:
    Working depth, mm:
    Rebating feature, mm:
    Product weight, kg:
    Voltage, V:
    Current frequency, Hz:


    Dust bag: 1
    Parallel guide: 1
    Blade fitting wrench: 1
    Hex-nut wrench: 1


    User manual (92175384.pdf, 1,796 Kb) [Download]